Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Testing Single Page Apps with Splinter and CasperJS

Siddharth, Nikita and I delivered a session about testing modern Single Page Apps on Sat 27 July 2013. The meetup was organized by TechNext at Synerzip near City Pride Kothrud Pune.

Total of 96 people registered for the session. In spite of the rains, more than 30 came down.
Organizers told that this is the highest number they have seen for a testing related topic.

First part of the session was to introduce Single Page Apps. It also talked about how web has evolved and how Single Page Apps are different from traditional apps.

Next we discussed why old testing tools are not able to test Single Page Apps and what a new age tools should do to overcome the limitations.

During the solutions part Siddharth introduced Splinter, a Python based tool that launches the browsers and runs test scripts similar to old tools. However, the beauty is that the limitations of old tools are removed here.

Nikita then talked about CasterJS that allows tests to run in a headless browser. Other than being ultra fast, this gives the power of running multiple tests in parallel on a machine saving a lot of resources and time.

Overall the session was good. People were not only asking questions but also pitching in with the knowledge they had about tools and methodologies.
In spite of we took more time than expected, everyone was happy at the end. Response at the meetp page also says the same:

Testing singlepageapp from Akshay Mathur

Code sample for CasperJS is at http://pastebin.com/NuFKM85n
Code sample for Splinter us at https://gist.github.com/sidchilling/6112208

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