Wednesday, July 24, 2013

MongoDB workshop

I and Sarang took a full day workshop on MongoDB on Sat 21 Jul 2013. The workshop was organized by Pune Chapter of Computer Society of India.

Against our expectation, 30 people attended the workshop form different backgrounds.

While biggest group was of students, there were people from software industry, technical trainers and a professor from engineering college. From software industry, not only there were developers of all levels but also there were Software Architects, a General Manager and a Product Manager.

The day was divided into 3 parts.
First we talked about NoSQL databases, shift in their design paradigm, focused a little more on document based NoSQL databases and tried drawing some parallel from SQL databases.

Second part, after lunch, was a hands-on session of MongoDB using mongo shell. Sarang was instrumental telling more and more features of MongoDB and helping people to use them. The session was so exciting that people were not ready to go for the tea break.

At last we touched advance topics like data replication for disaster recovery and handling big data using map-reduce as well as Sharding.

Overall the workshops was received well and people are contacting us for the slides deck as well as delivering the same at their company and college.

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