Sunday, October 27, 2013

Using Google App Engine Python

PythonPune is a user meetup group for folks interested working in Python programing language. The group organizes knowledge transfer sessions on various topics.

This presentation was prepared for one such session held on Oct 26 2013. More than 20 Python programers (including a few students) attended the session.

During the session there was a discussion of free quota available to the apps. Following screenshots displays the current limits:

As you can see at the top, you can enable and disable billing for an application and quotas are reset every 24 hour. 
I did not find any programatic interface for getting current state of exhausted quota limits.

Google documentation for blobstore quota suggests that 5 GB blob storage is free. But it also says that blob storage also counts towards billable stored data. Free limit for billable stored data is just 1 GB.

Pricing documentation says after free limit, blobstore is available for $0.13 per GB per month and rate of stored data is $0.18 per GB per month.
Google Cloud Storage has no free quota and is chargeable $0.085 (or $0.063 for reduced availability) per GB per month.


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