Monday, January 24, 2011

What is the difference between two Like social plugins

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There is a Fanpage you created on facebook. Its URL looks like<your-company>. When a user likes that page, she follows that page on facebook. Whenever you (admin of the FB Fanpage) posts anything on Fanpage wall, it shows up in the news feed of all the followers. Facebook provides Like Box social plug-in that you can put on your website and visitors of your website can Follow/Like your FB page without actually visiting FB.

Another social plug-in provided by Facebook is Like Button. This allows your users to like any URL of your website. The person who likes, can also write comment about the page he likes. This comment gets posted on user's wall and shows up in news feed of his friends. While posting comment on user's wall, Facebook tries to create a preview of the page automatically. For that to generated properly, you need to include open graph meta tags on the page.