Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sizing Facebook canvas (iframe) application

Image Courtesy: http://healnh.org

In the era of FBML applications you need not even think of this issue.
When I crated my trail iframe application, even then I did not realize the issue.

As soon as we put the real content, looks of the page were bad. Height of the content was more than the page height and scrollbars started appearing in the middle of the page.

As soon as I saw this, I thanked myself for reading the Facebook application configuration settings properly. I saw a setting 'Iframe Size' having opting of auto resize the iframe.

But .... ..... nothing happened changing the setting.
What is this ... a setting provided by Facebook just for this purpose does not work. How can we develop a nice application here?

Later we figured out that we need to add a magic line in javascript on the page. Here is the that:


Now the iframe was actually resizing and we were in peace for some time.

In next post I will talk about the side effect of the magic line ........
The Dancing UI

Stay Tuned!!!

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